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10 things not to share with your colleagues


Most of us want to do our jobs well and believe that we are good at what we do.

Most of us (we’re guessing here) want to be respected at work and be popular with our colleagues. However, there is a fine line between popularity at work and getting the respect you deserve for a job well done.

Working out where to draw that line is very important! Particularly when a few misplaced comments or actions can ruin your professional image quicker than saying “I told you so!”

Here we bring you a synopsis of a light-hearted article by Rachel Zupek and Stephanie Loleit at CareerBuilder.co.uk, who looked at the ten things you should never share with your co-workers, no matter how popular or funny you want to be!

Rule number 1 – Intimate details

OK, so you may be desperate to tell your colleagues about how fabulous your personal life is. Sharing general details of what you’ve done over the weekend is one thing, revealing your bedroom details is another. Keep it private or people will snigger about you behind your back.

Rule number 2 – Political or religious views

People can be very passionate about faith and politics. Be aware that not everyone shares your views. If you don’t want to alienate your co-workers or be viewed negatively in a way that could impact your career, be discreet and keep your preferences to yourself!

Rule number 3 – Lifestyle changes and personal problems

Break-ups, divorces and baby-making plans should be shared only if there is a need to know, and then maybe only to selected people in private. Otherwise, others will speak for your capabilities, desires and limitations on availability, whether there is any truth to their assumptions or not.

Rule number 4 – Hangovers and wild weekends

Don’t disclose the details of your wild weekend adventures on Monday. That information can make you look unprofessional and unreliable.

Rule number 5 – Racial remarks

Never try to second-guess what your co-workers will find funny. If your source of humour involves race or colour, it’s a risk not worth taking.

Rule number 6 – Blogs or social networking profile

Be it Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, the rule is ‘be careful’. If you have colleagues as ‘friends’, or believe that the world wants to read your personal blog, you could soon be in hot water. Comments online can be misinterpreted or show you in a different light. If you’ve had a bad day at work, never ever Tweet or blog about it. Phone a friend instead!

Rule number 7 – Salary information

It’s your business, so keep it that way. Salary information can be a very emotive issue. Keep what you earn between you and Human Resources.

Rule number 8 – Medical history

Aches and pains, your latest operation, your infertility woes or the contents of your medicine cabinet, can be serious worries to you – and only you. To your employer, your constant medical issues make you seem like an expensive, high-risk employee.

Rule number 9 – Cost of purchases

The spirit of keeping up with the Jones’s is alive and well in the workplace, but you don’t want others speculating on the lifestyle you’re living – or if you’re living beyond your salary bracket.

Rule number 10 – Work complaints

Constant complaints about your workload, stress levels or the company will quickly make you the kind of person who never gets invited to lunch. If you don’t agree with company policies and procedures, address it through official channels or move on.

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