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Portakabin Offer a Range of Aftercare Services including Building Maintenance & Repairs

Changing or adapting your buildings is easy with Portakabin Aftercare Services

Aftercare Services from Portakabin enable you to change and enhance the buildings in-line with the changing requirements of your business.

The extensive range of Portakabin Aftercare Services includes:

  • Routine maintenance and repair work
  • Relocating buildings
  • Reconfiguring buildings
  • Refurbishing buildings
  • Decant services
  • Professional services (planning permission/architectural services etc)
  • Essential business services (Fire and security systems/access ramps etc)
  • Legal compliance and warranty validation

Planned maintenance and repairs
Aftercare services can take care of both the inside and outside of the Portakabin building.  That means everything that needs planned maintenance including:

  • Erecting or removing partitions
  • Repainting of walls
  • Internal fitting (air-conditioning units etc)
  • Repairs (door hinges/sealing door panels/window panels etc)
  • Clearing of gutters
  • Other planned maintenance tasks

Relocation services, so you can have your buildings professionally moved to where you need them
If your buildings are no longer in the most convenient location then Aftercare Services can re-site them with the minimum of disruption. It means you can still have the building you want, exactly where you want it.

Professional services and maintenance contracts to keep your buildings functioning at their best
Even though Portakabin buildings are built to be low-maintenance you can still benefit from a regular maintenance contract which can:

  • Prevent unexpected costs and repairs that can be disruptive to business continuity
  • Avoid failure to carry out basic maintenance that might invalidate warranties with us and impact on future claims
  • Reduce running costs through optimised efficiency 
  • Maintain the longevity and residual value of your building

Annual inspections are also available through Aftercare Services, that ensure warranties remain valid and in force, as well regular assessment of legal compliance regarding areas such as any new building legislation or equipment testing.

Professional reconfiguration to save you money
There are many reasons why you may need to change your buildings. An increase in staff numbers may mean you need more toilets or an additional meeting room. Or, what was initially used as an office may now need to be used as a kitchen area and rest room. 

Portakabin Aftercare Services can plan, project manage and reconfigure your buildings as you need them. With the help of Aftercare Services, you might already have exactly what you need.

All the extras a modern building needs
Even once you’ve moved in, if there’s something your building needs that you’ve overlooked don’t worry; we can still easily fit to your requirements from a whole range of additional enhancements and services. These include:


Refurbishment to make ‘like new’
Portakabin is uniquely placed to give your buildings a total refurbishment if required, that can make your buildings as good as new both inside and out.

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