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Building Option - Fire And Security Systems

Fire and Security

Keep your people and property safe with advanced security and fire-detection systems for your portable or modular building

Nothing is more important to your organisation than safeguarding your people, as well as your property and assets. When you buy or hire a Portakabin building, you can choose from an extensive range of high-quality security alarm and fire-detection systems to keep your building safe and secure.

As well as designing and installing an effective security system for your business, we can provide full technical support and a 24-hour call-out service to ensure your system continues to provide optimum performance at all times. Your security and alarm systems can be stand-alone or linked to existing systems - and will be designed to meet all relevant British Standards and EU regulations.

The security systems you can choose from include:

Intruder alarms

With crime against property rising each year, having a reliable intruder alarm has never been more important. The advanced systems available from Portakabin feature both radio-wave and hard-wired technology to provide the highest levels of protection for your business. We can also supply panic alarm buttons to enhance the safety of your staff.

Four types of intruder alarm system are available:

  • Bells-only system – an inexpensive self-contained system with external sounder, which also acts as a visual deterrent
  • GSM-monitored intruder alarm – alerts external keyholders via mobile phone technology, using text or voice alerts
  • Monitored intruder alarm – alerts external keyholders via a standard phone line
  • Police-response monitored intruder alarm – complies with ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) directives and BSDD:243. A dedicated phone line is usually required

Portakabin intruder alarm systems are designed to meet your individual requirements. They can include a control panel, a remote keypad for your main door, PIR detectors sensitive to heat changes, dual-technology detectors using PIR and microwave technology to minimise false alarms, door contacts and external sounders and strobes.

Fire-alarm systems

Our fire-alarm systems play an essential role in reducing the risk to life and limiting damage to your property in the event of a fire. Fitted and maintained to British Standards, our range of fire-alarm systems can be installed into your building prior to handover. 

You can choose a simple fire-alarm system that relies on members of staff raising the alarm manually by breaking the glass on call points. Or you can choose an automatic fire-detection system that uses heat, smoke or carbon dioxide sensors to trigger the alarm - this is particularly important for detecting fires when buildings are unoccupied. Whatever system you choose, it can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation. 

Emergency lighting

The professionally installed and maintained emergency lighting systems supplied by Portakabin are designed to meet the requirements of British Standards. We can supply, install and maintain emergency escape route lighting and anti-panic lighting, which is automatically activated in the event of a power failure. We supply 'point of emphasis' lighting to illuminate fire-fighting equipment or essential elements of a fire alarm system, such as the control panel. You can also specify 'high-risk area' lighting for use by safety personnel.

Portable fire extinguishers

We can supply a wide range of portable fire extinguishers to ensure you have the appropriate fire-fighting equipment for your working environment.

Site access management systems

To help you manage access to your site and maintain security, we provide a range of access control and monitoring systems, including CCTV, turnstiles, access barriers, intercom systems and security access cards. For additional protection, your building can be fitted with steel roller shutters, window guards and digital locks.

Protect your people and property with advanced fire-detection and intruder alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and access control systems - designed to meet the security needs of your organisation.

 “The completed building looks stunning. It’s bright and airy inside thanks to the large glazed walls, and provides an exceptional learning environment for the college’s students

Craig Stewart, Portakabin London West Regional Manager

We wanted to create two high-quality, energy efficient office buildings that would provide a modern working environments with all the usual amenities, including conference rooms and IT server space. They had to be completed within a specific timeframe to meet key targets in our site development programme, working in a restricted environment and to the most stringest health and safety standards. 

Mark Porter, Project Manager

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