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More than just a logo ? The Importance of Brand Awareness


Brand identity is a company’s most valuable asset. It is the way the company wants its brand to be received. It identifies the features, designs or symbols that distinguish it from those of other companies, and defines the concept that the company wishes to communicate through its brand. The marketing department needs to ensure that the brand represents the business properly and authentically, and is correctly associated with your products and services; but the brand is shaped by anyone who interacts with the business, from employees to customers.

Brand identity and brand awareness

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Brand Awareness is a term that describes how well a client can recognise a brand in certain situations. The easier it is for your customer to pick out your brand, the better. The easier it is for your customer to pick out your brand, the better. Such high brand awareness has a number of advantages. It affects choice by appealing to your target customers who know exactly what it stands for when they see it. It also creates loyalty and advocacy as customers develop an emotional bond, and it enables you to command a price premium, encouraging customers to pay for a brand that they associate with being cool, or fashionable or clever. The more you communicate the values of your brand, the better the customer remembers it.

New opportunity to build brand awareness

TV Commercials, websites and ads in magazines - these are all well-known ways to build brand awareness. But have you ever thought about using your building? Vinyl wraps from Portakabin are a fast, cost-effective solution. With an 'exterior wrap we can transform a building into a showpiece that raises your profile and clearly communicates the values of your brand. Whether it is just a logo or a complete story told with images, the possibilities are endless. Want to make use of this opportunity? Find out more at  Vinyl Wrapped Buildings


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