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Modular Buildings for Sale from Portakabin

With traditional construction delivering an average of just 58% of all projects on budget and 34% on time, it's reassuring to know that Portakabin completed 99.7% of building projects last year on time and on budget.


When you buy a steel-framed modular or portable cabins from Portakabin you are investing in a permanent, high-quality asset that's built to last. What's more, your building project will be completed up to 50% faster than if you opted for a traditionally constructed building. You can buy everything you need to complete your building from Portakabin too, from furniture and data connections to air-conditioning and alarm systems. A modular building can easily be adapted if your requirements change in future. It can even be relocated if you need to move.

Why buy a building from Portakabin?

1. Buildings constructed to permanent building standards 

British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification confirms that the steel structure of your building will provide a minimum life of 60 years and the external envelope and internal finishes will give you a design life of 60 years. Local Authority Building Control (LABC) certification confirms compliance with all relevant Building Regulations and Building Standards. All new buildings are also covered by the Portakabin 5-year product warranty and 30-year structural warranty package, for your peace of mind. The design features and optional extras available mean that your Portakabin building can even be designed to look just like a traditionally constructed one.

2. On-time, on-budget promise

We promise to deliver your building on time and on budget. In the unlikely event that we ever fail to do this,we will refund 1% of your contract value for every week we are late.3 However, you'll be reassured to know that we have a track record of delivering 99.7% of projects on time and on budget.1 That compares very favourably with a traditional construction industry average of just 34% on time and 58% on budget.2

3. Rapid building completion - up to 50% faster than traditional construction - with minimal disruption

Modular construction enables your building to be completed up to 50% faster than using traditional site-based construction methods.4 And because buildings are fabricated off-site in our factory, the on-site installation phase is much faster, cleaner, safer and less disruptive than traditional construction work.

4. Everything you need from a single supplier

When you choose to buy a building from Portakabin you can leave everything to us - from architectural design and planning permission applications through to delivering and installing your building and fitting it out with everything from carpets and furniture to access and alarm systems. If required, we are happy to work with your architects - and we can act as main contractor for the entire project.  

5. Flexibility for future change

Modular buildings are easily adapted to meet your changing requirements. They can be extended, reduced, reconfigured or even relocated, with the minimum of fuss.

6. Financially stable supplier

When you choose Portakabin you can be sure we'll see the project through - and be here to support you long after your building is completed. With a top credit score of 1 from Dun and Bradstreet, we're among the top 15% of UK companies for financial stability - so we're not going to disappear overnight - and we believe we are the only modular building supplier with such a high credit rating.

1. Portakabin order analysis Jan 2003-June 2011.
2. UK Industry Performance Report 2011, Constructing Excellence/Glenigan.
3. Terms and Conditions apply. A copy is available on request.
4. Research carried out by BCIS for RICS Construction Faculty 2004.

“From the beginning, quality was our top priority. We looked at a number of modular building suppliers, but for most the height of the facilities we needed was the main problem. It turned out that only Portakabin could meet our ceiling height requirement in a modular building that also met our very high quality expectations.”

Joyce McKellar, Chief Executive

We wanted to create two high-quality, energy efficient office buildings that would provide a modern working environments with all the usual amenities, including conference rooms and IT server space. They had to be completed within a specific timeframe to meet key targets in our site development programme, working in a restricted environment and to the most stringest health and safety standards. 

Mark Porter, Project Manager

Design and Build

Yorkon Building System

For design and build options

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Portable Buildings



At up to 67m2, Titan is Europe's largest self-contained portable building

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Solus -  Single Modular Building from Portakabin


Contemporary, attractive, plug-in-and-go space for up to six people

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Glazed Titan

Glazed Titan

At up to 67m2, Titan is Europe's largest self-contained portable building...

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Solus Energy Saver -  Single Modular Building from Portakabin

Solus Energy Saver

NEW A-rated Solus Energy-Saver building saves more than 60% on energy bills

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Titan Building System

Great-value and available in sizes from 70m2to 110m2- sited in a day!

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Titan Energy Saver

Up to 67m of A-rated space with the brand NEW A-rated Titan Energy-Saver building

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Titan Solar

Energy saving self contained office space

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Modular Buildings

Ultima - A Modular Buildings System from Portakabin


Accommodate up to 1,000 people - or more - in spacious, welcoming surroundings

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Ultima Vision - A Modular Buildings System from Portakabin

Ultima Vision

Create an inspirational environment for up to 1,000 people or more

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Classrooms by Portakabin


Attractive classroom block featuring two spacious 64m2 classrooms


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Nurseries by Portakabin

Lilliput Nurseries

Bright, stimulating and safe specificially designed building

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Portaloo - Toilets Showers and Changing Rooms

Mobile Changing Room from Portaloo

Changing Rooms

Shower and changing room buildings for team and individual sports

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Colourful, welcoming toilets specially designed for primary school children

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Mobile Shower Units

Toilet Blocks

Bright, welcoming toilet buildings fitted out to domestic standards

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Temporary Shower Blocks by Portaloo

Shower Blocks

Attractive, well-equipped buildings fitted with high-performance showers

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