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How To Thrive In Your Office Environment!

Unsuitable office temperatures are potentially costing the UK economy 13bn each year in lost productivity.* Research shows that when temperatures rise too high, or drop too low, up to eight working hours can be lost each day in an office of 100 people. This can also impact on the wellbeing of colleagues, resulting in further loss of hours through sickness.*

This begs the question: how much is your office temperature costing you? Inside this issue of Insider, we take a look at how you can create a comfortable and productive office environment.

Protect Your Business This Winter

Getting the right temperature inside your office can be a difficult task, but it’s also important to pay attention to the temperatures outside the building too. Every winter, dozens of organisations are caught out by burst or freezing pipes.

By taking a few simple steps now, you can reduce your risk of facing the stress of frozen or burst pipes this winter. Discover how to stop your pipes freezing and what to do if a pipe bursts, on page 10.

How Can The Flexibility And Design Quality Of A Building From The Portakabin Group Help You?

Inside this issue you can find out how a fully glazed marketing suite in Birmingham was transported 600 miles and reconfigured into a striking, cliff-top restaurant on an Orkney island. You can even win a weekend break to have a meal there in our easy-to-enter competition. Plus, why Yorkon as part of the Portakabin Group and a market-leading supplier of off-site building solutions was chosen to deliver a state-of-the-art 7,000m2 secondary school in just 35 weeks. Read all the details on pages 16-19.

Will You Keep Your Resolutions This Year?

At the start of every year, many of us try hard to keep and achieve the resolutions we set ourselves on 1st January. On page 24, we take a light-hearted look at some of the top New Year’s resolutions as well as what you can do this year to make sure you keep them!

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to win a spectacular weekend break to the Isles of Orkney! You’ll find all the details on page 26 of Insider magazine – or visit www.portakabin.co.uk/winaweekend now. Good luck!

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