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AfterSales Support

Dedicated services to ensure your building provides optimum performance and fulfils your needs - for the long term.

When you buy a building from Portakabin, you can rest assured that our service doesn't end once your building is delivered. Our specialist customer service team are always on hand to provide ongoing support, advice and maintenance services to ensure your building continues to deliver optimum performance throughout its life.

Please note if you've hired a building from us, then your local hire centre will be able to help with any ongoing support that you may have.

We also recognise that your requirements for the building may change, so we offer comprehensive reconfiguration and relocation services to ensure your building continues to meet your needs. 

Our range of customer support services includes:

1. Refurbishment
Your building can be enhanced or upgraded at any time. We can carry out comprehensive refurbishments with minimum disruption to you - which include re-painting your building internally and externally, creating new rooms or refreshing existing ones, replacing floor and ceiling tiles and installing new fixtures and fittings.

2. Relocation
If you need to move your buildings between your sites or around the country, or if you are relocating your premises, Portakabin can arrange everything to ensure a hassle-free and efficient relocation. We'll organise all the transport and logistics to make the move as simple as possible for you.

3. Reconfiguration
As your building requirements change, you may need to expand or downsize your facilities. Our complete reconfiguration service gives you the flexibility to respond to these changing needs. Modular buildings can easily be expanded or reduced by adding or taking away modules, with minimal disruption to you.

4. Repairs
If your Portakabin building suffers accidental or criminal damage, you won't have to worry. Simply call us on 0345 200 0999 and we can carry out a full range of repairs, from replacing broken windows to repairing fire damage.

5. Routine Maintenance*
Your building may occasionally require upkeep to retain its smart appearance and high performance. Our teams can carry out any work you require, from cleaning to gutter clearance.

6. Replacement Parts
If any of your building's components need to be repaired or upgraded, we can supply (and install if required) Portakabin-approved parts to ensure your building continues to deliver optimum performance.

Whatever your service requirements, whether routine maintenance or major refurbishment, just give our team a call during normal office hours on 0345 200 0999 - we'll be happy to help.

Or contact us via email on CustomerServices@portakabin.com
(Please reference your building serial number or sales order number wherever possible).

Please note if you've hired a building from us, then your local hire centre will be able to help with any ongoing support that you may have.

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* Even though Portakabin buildings are built to be low-maintenance you can still benefit from a regular maintenance contract which can prevent unexpected costs and repairs that can be disruptive to business continuity. Avoid failure to carry out basic maintenance that might invalidate warranties with us, impact on future claims and reduce running costs through optimised efficiency. Regular maintenace retains the longevity and residual value of your building. Annual inspections are also avaialble through Aftercare Services, that ensure warranties remain valid and in force, as well as regular assessment of legal compliance regarding areas such as any new building legislation or equipment testing.

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