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Case Study - Bristol International Airport

Organisation : Bristol International Airport

Application : Offices

Product : Ultima

Location : Bristol

Requirement :

Due to a rapid increase in passenger numbers at Bristol International Airport, a permanent departure lounge and additional gates were required to house its departing passengers. However, an interim building was necessary whilst the airport awaited planning approval for the project and it was decided that modular construction would provide a top-flight solution.

Solution :

After inviting tenders from two other companies, Bristol International Airport initially decided to work with another modular building supplier, but, as the project progressed, it became clear that the organisation was not able to fulfil the airport’s needs in terms of the highly technical building specification requirements and timescales for delivery.

As a result, the team turned to Portakabin due to the high quality mechanical and technical specification required in addition to the speed in which the building could be delivered. Speed of delivery is supported by the pioneering Portakabin Customer Charter, which promises to deliver buildings on time and on budget.

 The Portakabin Ultima building was, delivered, constructed and fully operational within just six weeks. The new interim 330m2 coaching lounge now offers an excellent environment for departing passengers prior to boarding the plane, with high levels of natural light, as well as a modern and attractive appearance both inside and out.

 The building was also provided with a fully-fitted climate control system and data communications connections and includes a café area, customer lounge and plasma screens for departure information.

 ‘The service we received from the Portakabin team has been second-to-none. They stepped in at very short notice after we were let down by our original supplier and have provided us with a building that everyone at the airport is very proud of. The team worked very closely with us throughout the project, providing advice and guidance, and designed and delivered a building that met all of our requirements on time and on budget.

 ‘The fact that we can use the coaching lounge for a separate project, once the permanent construction is completed, is a huge advantage. In addition the mechanical and electrical requirements of the project were incredibly high and Portakabin was the only company capable of delivering this.

 ‘It has relieved the pressure from other areas of the airport, thus improving the environment for passengers and employees.’ ‘The size of the building also offers great capacity for future growth. While we are only accommodating a maximum of 200 at the moment it has an official fire capacity of 1,180 people.’

 Dan Hamer, Project Co-ordinator, Bristol International Airport

 The Portakabin Ultima building was delivered with the pioneering Portakabin Customer Charter, which states that if Portakabin fail to deliver a project on time and to the agreed contract sum, the customer will be entitled to an additional six months product warranty. *

 Since the construction of the coaching lounge, Portakabin has worked closely with Bristol International Airport and provided accommodation for several other projects at the site. The airport is currently using two Portakabin buildings as
airside safety units, one building as a taxi reception area and a two-storey building to house taxi office staff and drivers.

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