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Case Study - Blackburns

Organisation : Blackburns

Application : Offices

Location : Harleston

Requirement :

When Blackburns at Harleston needed additional office accommodation, they sought a high-quality, cost-effective building solution: one that could be delivered within days.

 The new building was required to create a large open plan extension to their existing office facilities: facilities within an old station building above ground level. Flexibility of design and quality of construction would be essential to create a seamless transition between buildings. And, because time was of the essence: speed and convenience were crucial.

Solution :

Portakabin were soon commissioned to provide a flexible solution. A decision that was taken based on the values of Portakabin and its’ reputation for outstanding quality. A visit to the 60- acre production facility in York, secured the contract. Largely because Blackburns were able to fully experience the Portakabin manufacturing process first hand.

 After initial consultation, it was clear that the Titan Building System could meet all criteria. The flexibility of the Titan Building System meant that it effortlessly delivered an open-plan office extension. One that seamlessly adjoins the existing office building.

 The building’s close attention to architectural design maintains the company’s professional image. And, the Titan Building System can be delivered and installed within a day!

 Mark Thomas, Area Sales Manager, Portakabin said; “The Titan Building Solution was the perfect solution. Foundations were installed to bring the office up to rail-track height in keeping with the existing building. And a brick-skin applied to the bottom of the Titan building system maintains its’ aesthetic appeal.”

 Inside the building, the addition of two full length windows maximises natural light. Quality carpeting completes the professional appeal and provides a warm, welcoming finish.

 Tim Leggett, from Blackburns said; “We are delighted with the Titan Building Solution. It gives us additional, spacious, high-quality office accommodation and it is a pleasure to work in. The full length windows and quality of the building’s construction give the impression that we are working in a traditionally built building.”

 “We would certainly use Portakabin again and would recommend their building solutions to anyone looking for high-quality, flexible accommodation, that can be delivered and installed within days.”

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