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Prefabricated Building Applications

Choose permanent-quality prefabricated buildings for any end use, accommodating from one to more than 1,000 people

When you need a new building, no matter what the end use or how many people it needs to accommodate, you can be sure that Portakabin has a portable cabins or modular building to meet your needs. Over the past 50 years, we have designed and delivered  prefabricated building space for every conceivable building use, from classrooms to canteens and from offices to operating theatres. Our all-steel prefabricated buildings are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards and meet all existing building regulations - so you can be sure that whatever building you need, it will be constructed to the highest standards.

The inherent adaptability of our prefabricated modular building systems means that we can develop buildings to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding or obscure applications. In this section you will find examples of some of the most common, as well as some of the more unusual, uses for our buildings. However, this is not an exhaustive list. If you need a building type that is not included here, please do get in touch - we'll be happy to design a building to fulfil your specific requirements. It's what we're best at!

Here are examples of some of the end uses for our prefabricated buildings. Please click on the links below for more detail about each of these building uses:


Portakabin can supply a range of robust, high-security buildings to meet the needs of construction sites, as well as bespoke, visually stunning marketing suites to help housebuilders promote their new properties.

Site accommodation Marketing Suites
Toilet Blocks


Specially designed, inspirational buildings covering the entire education spectrum, from small nurseries and individual primary school classrooms to entire secondary schools and specialist university and college facilities:


Colleges and Universities Classrooms
Nurseries and Children's Centres Science Blocks and Food Technology
Students Union Buildings and Common Rooms Teaching Blocks
School Buildings

Emergency Accommodation

When you need buildings fast, following an emergency such as a fire, flood, explosion or extreme weather, Portakabin can respond immediately to provide the high-quality interim buildings you need. Whether you need to provide temporary offices, school buildings, healthcare services or any other essential facilities, we can supply everything you need within a matter of days - sometimes hours.

Emergency Accommodation


Precision-manufactured buildings designed to fulfil the requirements of every healthcare application, built to the most stringent healthcare building regulations.

Ward Units GP and Dental Surgeries
Health Centres Treatment Rooms
Hospital Applications


Fully equipped office buildings incorporating open-plan offices, individual offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, staircases, lifts, toilets, reception areas, canteens, rest areas, hot-desking areas, Chairman's suites and any other facilities your office requires. We can create offices for any number of people:

Large Offices Medium Offices
Offices for Large Organisations Small Offices

Specialist Uses

There is no limit to the versatility of Portakabin modular and portable buildings, which means we can design buildings for you that meet the demands of any application, no matter how unusual. Below are some examples of just a few of the more specialist uses for our buildings.

Canteens Fitness Suites and Dance Studios
Gatehouses Hospitality Suites
Laboratories Retail Units
Training Rooms


Whether you need to store important files, or safeguard valuable equipment, we have a choice of tough, secure, purpose-designed storage facilities for you to choose from.

Document Storage Secure Site Storage

Toilets Showers and Changing Rooms

All of the Portaloo toilet, shower and changing room buildings we supply are fitted out to the highest standards, with domestic-quality sinks, taps and full-flushing toilets, providing you with spacious, comfortable and hygienic facilities.

Multi-Cultural Sanitary Facilities Children's Toilets
Changing Rooms Accessible Facilities


Managing any major event is a complex business - but with Portakabin Events on your side you'll never again have to worry about providing the highest-quality toilets, showers, sleeping accommodation, ticket offices and other essential facilities for your visitors, guests and staff.

Catering Units Contractor Units
Dressing Rooms First Aid Posts
Events Meeting Rooms Events Offices
Reception Suites Security and Police Units
Shower Units Sleeping Units
Ticket Offices Toilet Units

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