Tara Kirwood - Hire Division Manager
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Tara Kirwood - Hire Division Manager

You need a can-do attitude and an ability to overcome obstacles creatively to do well here. For me, the job just seems to grow with me and continue to challenge me in ways that are fulfilling.

About Tara

I was always more of a ‘doer’ than a person who studied. I initially had no defined plans for my future. I was taking the sales route before I came to Portakabin, with jobs in travel, real estate and advertising. But ultimately, I found I wasn't satisfied with the single focus that sales presented, and wanted more. At the time, though, I wasn't sure what ‘more’ would lead me to.

Now though, I am delighted with my current position and looking forward to continuing to grow my career with Portakabin.

Progress at Portakabin 

When I applied for a position with Portakabin, I felt my communication skills were my strong point. I also knew I had the ability to deal well with people, which was something I thought could be transferable to any position. Communication is now vital to my job and I have finally found a role that truly suits me.

My role as Manager for London North’s Hire Division of Portakabin is a rewarding one. Although I didn’t originally plan a career in modular building hire, I thrive on the day-to-day situations my job offers.

I am now responsible for six other people in this office as well as another branch, and this makes the roles I fulfil very varied. From people management, project negotiation and customer liaison through to financial management, I find that adaptability is the key attribute required.

Because the job is adapting and growing with me, I don’t need to keep evaluating the future. I just know that my skills fit the roles I have taken and that I have the support and backing of the company, which will take me forward.

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