Portakabin alone in being awarded CE mark for modular buildings
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Portakabin the first to be awarded CE mark for modular buildings

The Portakabin Ultima, Titan and Solus buildings have gained European Technical Approval (ETA) and have been granted the right to bear the CE mark.

It means that these modular buildings can be bought and distributed throughout Europe safe in the knowledge that they meet the very latest structural guidelines.

The ETA allows a harmonised product standard across Europe where one did not exist before after it was endorsed by the European Commission and entered into law in July 2009.

Rigorous tests are carried out under strictly controlled conditions and  witnessed by representatives of the British Board of Agrément (BBA), the UK's major authority of approval of construction products, systems and installers.

Each of the buildings in the product range was subjected to -:

  • Full scale building tests with hydraulic rams acting on the building to simulate maximum and factored wind loads
  • Computer simulation of building fabric to analyse structural behaviour
  • Full scale building air pressure tests to evaluate energy loss
  • Rigorous handling trials with maximum payloads applied
  • Loads applied to full scale roofs to simulate imposed snow and wind loads
  • Computer modelling to determine thermal performance of building envelope and cold bridging of structural connections
  • Flexural testing of wall panels to analyse positive and negative air pressure
  • Racking tests to establish performance of elements of structure
  • Ultimate uniform distributed loads applied to floors in full scale buildings to determine deflection

The European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG) 023 that was achieved was:

  • Mechanical Resistance and Stability

Further essential requirements that the Portakabin modular buildings also satisfied were:

  • Hygiene, Health and environment
  • Safety in use
  • Protection against noise
  • Energy, Economy and heat retention

Scope of ETAG 023 encompasses all prefabricated building units (specifically excluding those built of concrete, with wheels and timber framed houses) which can be transported to site in flat pack or three dimensional format.

CE marking applies to all modular buildings manufactured and sold across Europe.
For satisfaction and peace of mind, make sure your building carries the CE mark.

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