Petrol Station Design and Construction

Fully equipped, repeatable standard petrol station kiosks – completed fast to maximise trading time

The Portakabin Design and Build solution is ideally suited to deliver fully equipped, secure, standardised petrol filling station kiosks, as fast as possible.

Assured quality in every kiosk building
Factory manufacture assures you of consistent and repeatable standards of construction and fit-out. Buildings can be substantially pre-fitted in the factory and delivered ready for rapid assembly and final fitting out – causing minimal disruption to your site.

Fully fitted out and finished ready for use
Filling station buildings can be fitted out to your specifications with glazing, electrics, freezers and chillers, checkouts, toilets, internal walls and doors, access ramps, security shutters and air-conditioning systems. High-performance concrete floors can be installed with Terrazzo tiles to provide a rigid base for heavy equipment and high footfall areas.

Externally, buildings can be finished in your corporate colours or logo and completed with a choice of contemporary or traditional claddings, from brick skins to timber panels. 

Collaborative approach to design and development
We are happy to work with your design teams on major re-engineering projects to improve construction efficiency and develop optimum building solutions for your business.

Cost and time savings on major roll-out programmes
If multiple identical buildings are required, factory production enables you to achieve significant cost and programme efficiencies. Rapid delivery and completion also enables you to get your stores up and running quickly – maximising your trading weeks.

Portakabin Design and Build solutions are trusted by leading petrol station retailers including Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

“The Leigh PFS is a good example of just what can be achieved with off-site construction. It is a first-class petrol filling station – bright, modern and functional, helping to reaffirm our position as a world-class fuel retailer.”

Richard Jackson, Tesco PFS Operations Manager for the UK and Ireland

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