Standardised off-site substation design...

...accelerates programme times, improves safety and minimises site works

Increased investment in South Yorkshire’s electricity transmission network meant National Grid needed to amalgamate two substations to create a larger facility at Thorpe Marsh. The project was delivered for civil engineering contractor Murphy, which forms part of the Electricity Alliance North, a joint venture which includes Siemens. The Alliance is improving 60 substations across the north of England.

As part of its framework agreement with National Grid, the Portakabin Group developed and engineered a standardised substation design using its Portakabin Design and Build solution. This building design can simply be re-sized and replicated on other substation sites, providing National Grid with reductions in procurement resources and programme times.

“The fact that the building was assembled in just one day is fantastic from a delivery perspective and has cost benefits. With this approach there is no need for scaffolding, the impact on our site work is minimised and we do not have subcontractors on site for weeks.”

Steve Edwards, Project Manager, National Grid

The Portakabin Design and Build solution was chosen to reduce the site programme at Thorpe Marsh by around three months. It was the first modular building provided to National Grid accommodating both ancillary and amenity areas.

The building was installed on site in a single day to pre-finished standards. It accommodates plant and machinery for the operation of the substation.

Gary Lingard, Commissioning Engineer at National Grid says: “We were amazed with the speed of the building installation. The Portakabin Group performed very well throughout – their team was flexible and accommodating and the design was adapted to meet our specific needs.

“The off-site approach gives us the benefit of parallel-working – the foundations are progressed on site while the building is constructed in the factory. This significantly reduces site works, avoids the need for wet trades on site, and minimises the supervision of subcontractors.”

Building Location


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