Modular Laboratory Construction

Fully controlled, hygienic and secure environments for the most sensitive pharmachem applications

Portakabin Design and Build solutions are all manufactured to the same exacting standards, assuring you of the ultimate in quality and durability. Your building can be constructed to provide the highest levels of security, keeping your people and resources safe, and supporting your essential counterfeit-prevention measures.

Ultra-clean interiors for controlled environments
You can specify ultra-clean environments for the most contamination-sensitive procedures. Laboratories fitted with hi-tech positive pressure systems and air-treatment technology will ensure full compliance with the strictest quality-control procedures. To create hygienic, clutter-free interiors, we can also conceal all services.

“I am very impressed at the quality of this new laboratory, and the speed with which it was delivered and commissioned. It will prove a major asset, significantly increasing our capacity to deliver scientific projects for DEFRA in areas that have come under increasing pressure.”

Professor Steve Edwards,
Chief Executive, Veterinary Laboratories Agency

High-performance floors for superior stability

If you need completely rigid floors for precise, movement-sensitive operations, we can install high-performance floors that provide superior stability and reduced response factors.

Low air-permeability for enhanced energy efficiency
Your Portakabin Design and Build building will also offer superior energy efficiency and a draught-free interior, with an air-permeability rating that exceeds BRE (British Research Establishment) requirements by 70 per cent.


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