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How to reset your fan or convector heater


At Portakabin we care about the upkeep of your products and ensuring they’re running correctly. In the section below we’ve outlined simple instructions on resetting your fan or convector heater, should you ever need to. To prevent a recurrence of the problem, we’ve also included instructions on thermostatic control.

Resetting your fan or convector heater

This appliance is fitted with an Electronic Safety Control (ES). This is a safety device which switches off the heater if for any reason the appliance overheats. The ES Control can only be reset after the appliance has cooled down. In order to reset:

1) Switch off the appliance at the adjacent fused spur

2) Switch appliance back on and ES Control will reset

3) Refer to instructions on thermostatic control (below) to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Thermostatic control

To set the thermostat to the required temperature:

1) Rotate the control knob to the highest setting

2) When the desired room temperature is reached, rotate the control knob slowly in the opposite direction and when the thermostat 'clicks off', leave the control at this setting

3) Thereafter, the fan or convector heater will control the heat output automatically.

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