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Five ways to improve your work environment


We’ve gathered five simple design elements to improve your work environment that will boost morale and increase productivity for your employees.

Improve the lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in employees’ productivity and information retention.

Exposure to natural lighting increases workers’ activity levels, night-time sleep patterns and overall quality of life. A UK study discovered that windows were the primary factor of an individual’s level of satisfaction; you should factor this in if you are designing a new building.

When you can’t get natural light through windows, artificial lighting is key. An article by MBA UNC suggests using blue enriched light bulbs will help improve work performance by reducing fatigue and increasing mental acuity.

Make the office comfortable

The average adult spends more time in their workplace than they do awake at home, so it will boost morale if they feel ‘at home’ in their office environment.

Unsurprisingly, research conducted by the British Council for Offices (BCO) and real estate services provider Savills found that ‘comfort’ (87%) was the most important factor affecting employees’ wellbeing at work, followed by lighting (86%) and temperature (85%).

According to HSE work-related musculoskeletal disorders (predominantly back pain) account for 35% of all working days lost due to work-related ill health, therefore old office furniture should be replaced with high-quality comfortable furniture to create a suitable workplace for employees.

Impose your own décor style

The use of colour and design can make the workplace a more desirable place to be, stimulating happiness and inspiring creativity, particularly when using warm shades whilst cooler colours are more relaxing and calming.

Employees should also be given the opportunity to personalise their own workspace/workstations – this will boost morale and in turn increase employee productivity.

Keep a well-balanced temperature

There’s a fine line between a pleasant and uncomfortable temperature level within the work environment.

Good ventilation provides a well-balanced office temperature. In most cases ventilation can be provided by windows.

However, natural ventilation in areas of high traffic could bring in toxic pollutants. Using artificial ventilation systems will protect health and air quality.

Create distinct meeting areas for different kinds of work

Open plan offices are great for employees to interact and engage with each other; however separate working environments need to be available to encourage different kinds of work – such as creative space.

The BCO found that 48% of people regard separate collaboration spaces as “imperative” in the workplace. Giving your employees space to work together can improve productivity and boost morale as well as increase collaboration.

In the same study 71% of people said that quiet areas to work from are important to them, yet less than half say their employer provides pleasant spaces for privacy. Introducing quiet areas will allow employees to wind down and relax which can reduce stress and absenteeism.

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