Ford Motor Company Case Study
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Portable Gatehouse

Portable Gatehouse: Ford Motor Company Case Study

Organisation : Ford Motor Company

Application : There are no Building Use Categories.

Product : Solus

Location : Liverpool

Requirement :

As part of a security upgrade at its Liverpool plant, Ford Motor Company needed to replace its old gatehouse building. The new building needed to present a professional image of the company, in keeping with its prestigious brand. It also needed to provide a comfortable, well-insulated environment for security personnel who would be working in the building 24 hours a day.

Solution :

Ford conducted a tender process to select the best-quality building at the right price. Portakabin buildings were selected because they could be adapted to the company’s requirements and offered the best value for money. 

Portakabin adapted one of its premium-quality, energy-efficient Solus buildings by fitting a stylish fascia and corner casings to enhance its appearance. Portakabin also painted the building in the ‘Ford Blue’ brand colour, so that it coordinated with other buildings and signage on site. 

Portakabin customised the 17m2 building further with extra windows to all four elevations, as well as a glazed door, providing the all-round visibility essential for a security gatehouse. Inside, the building was fitted out with a kitchenette, separated from the office area by a low partition wall so that the 360° visibility was not compromised. 

An air-conditioning and heating system was installed to provide a comfortable working environment all year round, and Portakabin supplied office furniture so that the building was fully equipped for immediate use once installed on site. 

Once the old gatehouse building had been cleared away and the site prepared, Portakabin delivered and installed the new gatehouse quickly and efficiently on the agreed date. 

The new gatehouse has proved popular with the security staff who use it, providing a comfortable working environment, even throughout the winter.

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