Case  Study - Grampian Maclennan Distribution Services
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Case  Study - Grampian Maclennan Distribution Services

Case Study - Grampian Maclennan Distribution Services

Organisation : Grampian Maclennan Distribution Services

Application : Offices

Product : Titan

Location : Laurencekirk, Aberdeen

Requirement :

Leading Scottish haulage company Grampian Maclennan urgently required additional office space for its busy logistics team. The existing offices located at one end of a warehouse did not offer the scope to create the large open-plan area that the team desired. Extending this building would have required major investment, so the company decided to look for an alternative solution.

Solution :

Adrian Hunter, Operations Director at Grampian Maclennan, says: “We had used Portakabin buildings in the past and were happy with the quality they provided. We approached Portakabin with our requirement for a large open-plan workspace for our traffic office and they recommended a suitable large building, which provided exactly the space we needed.”

The building chosen by Grampian Maclennan was a Portakabin Titan building – the largest single modular building model in Europe. The Portakabin team worked closely with Grampian Maclennan to understand their specific requirements for the building and to ensure that the interior was configured to meet their precise needs. The main area of the building was laid out as a sizeable open-plan office, with a smaller partitioned office at one end. This layout was designed to enable the traffic team to work closely together and communicate effectively, while enabling administration staff to work undisturbed in the quieter partitioned office.

The building was delivered to the company’s Laurencekirk site on the agreed date and installed quickly and efficiently by a skilled Portakabin team, minimising disruption to the haulage company’s daily operations. Portakabin has a unique Customer Charter, which promises that all buildings will be delivered on time and on budget. To back up this pledge, Portakabin even promises that if it ever fails to meet the customer’s contract start date, it will provide an additional 12 months’ product warranty, free of charge.*

Choosing a stand-alone modular building enabled Grampian Maclennan to quickly expand its office space and provide precisely the working environment needed for its traffic office, without the disruptive, lengthy and costly process of constructing a new bricks-and-mortar building.

The service from Portakabin doesn’t end once the building is delivered. Its team of specialists is on hand to respond to any requests for modifications, refurbishments, repairs or maintenance to the building. When Grampian Maclennan requested a modification to the doors on its Titan building, Portakabin responded immediately to complete the work professionally and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Adrian Hunter continues: “This new building provides a great space to work in. As well as being more spacious than anything we’ve had before, it has lots of windows so we get plenty of daylight and good ventilation, which makes for a very pleasant environment.

“We now have five people working in the open-plan area, but it could easily accommodate eight or nine. We’ve also got two administration people working in the end office. Everyone who works in the building is very happy with it, and Portakabin have provided a very good service, responding quickly whenever we’ve needed their assistance.”

* Terms and Conditions apply. A copy is available on request.

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