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Is Your Cleaning Programme Washing Away Your Bottom-Line?

Find out how switching to daytime cleaning can bring you cost savings of up to 25%!

Is your organisation operating as efficiently as it could be? This issue of Insider is packed full of ideas, methods and techniques to help you save time and resources.

Inside the magazine, you can discover how a simple review of your office cleaning programme can bring you cost savings of up to 25%. Plus, you can find out how to comply with Special Needs access legislation without impacting on the current layout of your organisation, or indeed without excessive cost.

Compliance with new legislation is always a drain on resources, but there are ways that you can minimise the outlay and the time it takes to comply. Find out more on page 16.

Plus read all about a new free service from Portakabin that can help you to recover quickly from an unexpected incident, or emergency. See page 14 for more details.

Discover the unlimited benefits of Portakabin buildings

On pages 18 to 23 you can see how Portakabin is working successfully with a wide variety of organisations, including how we delivered an extensive training facility, and installed a second storey 12 months later, with no disruption to operations.

Many of the latest new developments within Portakabin are helping our customers to save even more time and resources.  Find out how they could be helping you on pages 14 to 17.

Staycation for the summer of sport!

Finally, as the long-awaited summer of sport is now in full swing, we include a light-hearted look at the events as well as some of the top places to ‘staycation’ this year, for the best of both worlds. Take a look at page 24.

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to win a spectacular weekend break to Dublin! You’ll find all the exciting details on page 26 of Insider magazine  – or visit www.portakabin.co.uk/parisweekend now. Good luck!

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