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Case Study - Lloyds Pharmacy

Organisation : LloydsPharmacy

Application : Healthcare

Product : Duplex, Ultima

Location : UK

Requirement :

As the largest community pharmacy operator in the UK, with more than 1400 outlets across the country, LloydsPharmacy regularly requires portable accommodation to house temporary pharmacies. These can be required for many reasons, such as providing pharmacy services to new-build doctors’ surgeries or supermarkets where the permanent accommodation is not complete, or where a fire or flood has temporarily put a pharmacy out of action.

The company has an obligation, through its contract with the NHS, to provide pharmacy services to its local communities. It needs to be able to deploy fully fitted, ready-to-open pharmacies wherever they are required.

Solution :

Once the need for such temporary accommodation was identified, LloydsPharmacy turned to the best-known name in the industry – Portakabin – for help. The company first purchased a single Pacemaker building, which was fitted out as a complete mini-pharmacy.

LloydsPharmacy was impressed by the quality of the building, as well as the service from Portakabin, and over the next few years added to its fleet as demand for temporary accommodation increased. The firm now owns three Pacemaker and three larger Titan buildings, all fully fitted with a retail area, consultation area, staff room and office.

John Heath, Shop Fitting Manager at LloydsPharmacy, says: “It is essential that our temporary pharmacies provide the same high-quality environment that our customers expect from our permanent pharmacies – and they need to look good from the outside too. That’s why we chose Portakabin, since the quality of the buildings met all of our requirements.

“We have been very happy with the service from Portakabin – they are always attentive and helpful and, in all the years I have dealt with them, they have never failed to fulfil their promises or meet their deadlines. When the regulations governing access to public buildings changed, Portakabin was very quick to help us meet the requirement for wider doors.

“So far, our Portakabin buildings have been sent as far north as Inverness and as far south as Poole. We tend to use our Titan buildings for longer term deployments, since they give our staff a bit more room inside, while the Pacemaker buildings are ideal for short-term projects because they are so easy to transport.”


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