Are you missing a vital ingredient for success?

If you don’t have the buildings you need to grow your business or the capacity to cope with peak demands, you’re missing a vital ingredient to success. If you need office or storage space, labs or test kitchens, quality control facilities, changing rooms or canteens, then Portakabin can provide the buildings and facilities to help you grow and support the welfare of your staff.

Off-site construction means that you can have the buildings you need quickly, with minimum disruption to your daily operations and to your site.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Because this building was to be both an office and development kitchen, as well as the place where customers came to sample our new products, it needed to have the highest quality look and finish. We had hired a Portakabin Titan building in the past, so we knew that Portakabin was the only modular building supplier who could meet our quality criteria.

Kevin Farrell, Quality Manager at Loch Fyne Oysters

The service from the Portakabin team was absolutely tremendous and as a result of what they were able to do for us so quickly and efficiently we did not lose a single day of trading.

Douglas Lamont, Director, Wiltshire Farm Foods