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Modular Building


Making use of modular offsite construction

Modular construction gives you a highly-efficient solution for flexible, modern buildings – whether your priority is time, budget or quality.

How do modular buildings work?

The modular construction process is the creation of a complete building using steel-framed modules which have been manufactured off site, delivered to site then craned into place. Designed to provide a sustainable solution to modern construction challenges, modular buildings connect two or more individual steel modules side-by-side, end-to-end or in multiple storeys to make buildings of any scale or layout.

At a later date, you have the option to alter the layout of your modular building, move it to another site, or simply have it removed from your site.

The Benefits of working off site construction

  • Better quality

Modules built off site are produced in factory conditions. This ensures tighter quality control and none of the common delays construction projects face such as poor weather.

  • Efficient processes

Modular offsite construction is up to 70% faster than site-based construction. That’s because a modular building manufacturer can create the modules while the foundations are being laid on site. The modules can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to the construction site.

  • Sustainable solutions

The carbon footprint is greatly reduced with offsite construction. On average, there are 90% fewer vehicle movements than traditional onsite construction.

Who benefits from modular buildings?

These buildings can accommodate large volumes of people, from ten to 1,000, or more for uses such as:

Buildings are delivered to site fully fitted out according to your individual requirements.

Common misconceptions

Many people view these modules as “temporary” solutions, but they are built to meet building regulations, with permanent solutions having a design life of up to 60 years.

What’s more, they are not “one-size-fits-all”. They can be customised to suit individual requirements, for example with an exterior finish that enhances the building’s aesthetic appearance.

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