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Case Study - Multiflight

Organisation : Multiflight

Application : Offices

Product : Titan

Location : Leeds Bradford Airport

Requirement :

As Multiflight continued to grow at a rapid pace, the company's Executive Handling Department based at Leeds Bradford Airport identified an urgent need for a high-quality building that could provide both office space and an executive passenger lounge.

Solution :

The company decided to buy a Portakabin Titan building. Portakabin worked very closely with Multiflight to ensure the layout of the building met all of the company's requirements. The building includes an office, small kitchen area, a reception area, an executive passenger lounge and toilets. Multiflight's executive passengers can now relax in five star comfort before embarking on their travels.

 The continued expansion of the company means that more buildings will be required, so the ability to easily move the Portakabin building to fit in with future plans was also very important.

 "We'd seen Portakabin Titan buildings at another aviation company's fixed base operations and were extremely impressed with the quality. We met with other building providers to see what they had to offer, but the quality was nowhere near as good.

 "Our customers are used to five star treatment and we felt that a Titan building from Portakabin would provide just that for both customers and employees. Our offices are staffed 14 hours a day, seven a week, so we needed something that was very smart and comfortable, but also very durable.

 "It's vital that everything in the building, from the carpets, doors and windows through to the toilet facilities, is of the highest possible quality - and Portakabin has certainly delivered this.

 "Portakabin has provided us with an attractive building, which provides a light, airy, relaxing and comfortable environment which we're proud to welcome our customers in to."

Heather Cawthorne, Multiflight's Handling Manager

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