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Autumn Education Bulletin

Have You Done Everything You Can To Avoid Arson Attacks At Your School?

Arson attacks can devastate school communities and have far reaching consequences. It has been estimated that arson attacks take place in up to 20 schools every week. These attacks are often opportunistic in nature so in this issue of Education Bulletin you can find some advice on how to minimise the likelihood and impact of an arson attack at your school.

Source first-class teaching accommodation that meets specific needs

The selected case studies that are featured in this issue demonstrate how logistical challenges, time constraints and even an accommodation crisis pose no problem when you work with Portakabin and Design and Build.

Discover why Cambridge County Council chose Design and Build to build an entire, new 7,000m2 secondary school using the latest modular technology. Find out how a sixth-form centre for 220 students was delivered by Portakabin in just six weeks. Take a look at how a Leicestershire high school utilised off-site construction to meet expansion plans whilst keeping on-site disruption to a minimum.

Increase your school’s capacity quickly and cost effectively

According to the Office for National Statistics, more babies were born in the UK in 2011-12 than in any year since 1972 and this will have a major effect on primary school provision. Find out why schools from Aberdeen to Croydon are choosing modular construction to increase capacity with fast completion times.

Three-storey building relocated for school upgrade

Inside Education Bulletin, you can learn how a three-storey modular building was dismantled, relocated and reconfigured to provide a new school in South Lanarkshire that reduced the timescale for entry by six months.

Finally, don’t miss your chance to win a weekend break to Paris! You’ll find all the details on page 26 of Education Bulletin.

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