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Portakabin brings its off-site solutions to the Offsite Construction Show 2016.


Portakabin will be showcasing its off-site solutions at the Offsite Construction Show 2016 at Excel in London on 12th and 13th October, stand B39. Its team of off-site specialists will be on hand to advise construction clients, architects, contractors and consultants about how to deliver new buildings more efficiently – with shorter programme times, less disruption and greater certainty of completion on time and on budget.

 The Portakabin stand at the Offsite Show will demonstrate the latest advancements in off-site technology and some of the ground-breaking projects which have changed the face of the construction industry. 

 Off-site solutions from Portakabin offer the unrivalled flexibility to meet almost any design brief, site and building footprint with greater efficiency. The approach reduces programme times by up to 50 per cent, and delivers buildings with improved thermal efficiency for lower running costs and the assurance of completion on time and on budget.

 With its permanent and highly skilled workforce, and a robust, long-established supply chain, moving construction off site using a Portakabin building solution mitigates the impact of an increasingly volatile labour market and the severe skills shortages that continue to hit the construction industry.

 Buildings from Portakabin include facilities for long or short-term hire; award-winning and architecturally innovative Portakabin off-site Design and Build solutions; washroom facilities; site accommodation, and highly sustainable recycled Portakabin buildings.

 Modular buildings can be rapidly installed in enclosed courtyards, on the roofs of existing buildings and on steel platforms to help public and private sector clients increase capacity and optimise their use of space.

Facilities constructed off site by Portakabin can have 12m clear internal spans up to six storeys high and the architectural variety to complement existing buildings or to create landmark developments for prominent sites.                                                                      

These award-winning off-site solutions use engineering, rather than construction tolerances, delivering greater accuracy and build quality. An innovative factory-fitted concrete floor system also provides the response factors required – from operating theatres to office applications, to avoid over-specification.                                                          

Portakabin off-site solutions are used extensively in sectors as diverse as commercial, manufacturing, utilities, nuclear, rail, health and education. Buildings can be standalone or seamless extensions to existing facilities.

Services from Portakabin include design, planning, groundworks, module manufacture and installation, fitting out, landscaping, testing and commissioning – a full and efficient turn-key service for both public and private sector clients and contractors.

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