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Case Study - Brunel University

Organisation : Brunel University

Location : West London

Requirement :

Brunel University wanted to provide a specially designed washroom for its growing number of multi-faith students who required pre-prayer ablution facilities. A major new multi-faith building was under construction on the campus, but the university was keen to give its overseas students a high-quality tailor-made washroom as quickly as possible.

Solution :

James Sweeney, Estates Manager at Brunel University, says: “We approached a number of potential suppliers of interim toilets and washrooms, but only Portaloo gave us the confidence that they could meet our special requirements for this building. They were the most professional in their approach and were keen to work closely with us to develop the best solution."

and the university’s Estates team consulted some of the students who would be using the facilities, to gain an understanding of how the building would be used and learn about any specific requirements. They found that the facilities needed to enable people preparing for prayer to wash their face, arms and feet in running water, with separate areas for men and women.

Using this brief, Portaloo developed a stand-alone washroom building divided into two rooms with separate external entrance doors. Each room was kitted-out with all necessary ablution facilities, including specially fabricated wash stations ergonomically designed to allow all users to comfortably wash their arms, face and feet. The building also features a separate area to house the water-heating system. This was a low-power system, designed to meet the site’s requirements by providing hot water without the need for a three-phase power supply.

Brunel is leading the way among British universities by providing these specialist facilities for multi-faith students, and the Portaloo building has been very well received.

James Sweeney adds: “The Portaloo building proved a very good option for us, providing the perfect interim facility while our main building is under construction. It’s likely to remain on campus for about three years, and we are confident that the quality of the building will ensure it performs well throughout that time. We hold regular meetings with our multi-faith student representatives and they have given us some very positive feedback on the new facility.

“The project was successful because the building was developed in close consultation with the end users, and Portaloo was very much involved in that process. They were always on the ball and their expertise has enabled us to deliver exactly what our end users needed."

The building was efficiently installed and connected to services by Portaloo on the university’s main campus. In line with the company’s unique Customer Charter promise, it was delivered on time and on budget. To give Portaloo customers complete peace of mind, this charter even promises that if the company ever fails to deliver on time, it will provide a week’s free hire for every day it is late.*

The tailor-made building has now been added to the Portaloo Purity range of washrooms. Known as a WuDu washroom, it is available to customers who need to provide high-quality washroom facilities for multi-faith users.

* Terms & Conditions apply. A copy is available on request.

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