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Providing Toilets and Washrooms for a Diverse Community

Purpose-designed natural-position toilets and Wudu washroom facilities to cater for multi-cultural users

Many types of organisation must now accommodate the differing sanitary requirements of the diverse UK population, including education establishments, healthcare providers, private employers and public service providers. If you provide public amenities to a multi-cultural community you may want to consider offering alternative toilet and washroom facilities to meet their cultural requirements.

Purpose-built specialist amenities

Working with leading toilet manufacturers and in direct consultation with end-users at Brunel University Portaloo has developed specialist toilet and washroom solutions for multi-cultural and multi-faith users.

Portaloo Natural Squat-Position Toilets

Portaloo Natural has been specially designed for people who prefer the natural, squat position. To meet the requirements of different faiths and nationalities the natural squat toilet also features a hand-held cleansing head for intimate cleaning.

This full-flushing toilet facility with domestic-standard fittings provides modern sanitary amenities for people who may not be comfortable with a Western toilet

Portaloo Purity Washroom

Portaloo Purity is a purpose-built Wudu and multi-faith washing facility to enable pre-prayer cleansing rituals to be carried out in modern, hygienic surroundings. The high-quality fixtures are easy to clean and maintain and come with water saving push button taps.

These Portaloo modular toilet and washroom units provide modern sanitary amenities in robust, high quality,  steel-framed buildings that can be easily installed almost anywhere  - including schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, motorway service stations, train stations, airports, leisure complexes, entertainment venues and sports stadia.

The units provide separate areas and entrance doors for men and women and can be fitted out with coat hooks, hand dryers and fan heaters to offer all the amenities you expect from a washroom.

The stainless-steel fixtures are easy to clean, temperature regulated water is delivered with push button taps to save water, and anti-slip mats are provided for safety.

These robust, high quality, steel-framed buildings can be easily installed almost anywhere and can be connected to prayer rooms by link corridors if required.

Your FREE guide to choosing specially adapted facilities to cater for multi-cultural communities

Download your free 12-step guide to help cater to diverse cultures and faiths when providing toilet and washing facilities.

Why choose Portaloo Natural toilets?

  • Caters for the ablution preferences of many faiths and nationalities
  • Toilets feature a raised platform with integral drainage for ease of cleaning
  • Non-slip vinyl floor covering for safety and hygiene
  • Hand-held cleansing head with coiled pipework and regulated warm water for intimate cleaning
  • Partitioned cubicles with bolt for privacy
  • Can be specified as male and female units and, if required, can include western-style toilets

Why choose Portaloo Purity Muslim bathroom buildings?

  • Provides sensitively designed washing facilities for multi-faith users
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel fixtures
  • Nine individual washing positions
  • Spacious 24' (7.3m) x 10' (3m) building featuring separate areas and entrance doors for male and female users
  • Push-button water control with water-saving delivery
  • Non-slip flooring with mats
  • Fitted with coat hooks, hand dryers and fan heaters with thermostatic control

Portaloo - Toilets Showers and Changing Rooms

Stainless steel washing stations

Purity Washroom

Purpose-designed washroom enables pre-prayer cleansing

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Portaloo Natural Toilet


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Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say:

“We approached a number of potential suppliers of interim toilets and washrooms, but only Portaloo gave us the confidence that they could meet our special requirements for this building. They were the most professional in their approach and were keen to work closely with us to develop the best solution.”

James Sweeney, Estates Manager at Brunel University

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