Recycled Modular Buildings
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Recycling = Saving the planets natural resources

The benefits of recycled modular buildings

Modular construction offers many benefits for your short- or medium-term building project that you may not have even thought about. Not only can recycled modular buildings provide our customers with a convenient, cost-effective option, but they also represent an environmentally friendly option that we would like more people to know about.

Get your new building fast and at the right cost

We are confident that opting for one of Portakabin (Refurbished)' recycled modular buildings will reduce the costs of your project. Because work can continue independently of the weather and other factors which would normally stop non-modular building projects, 99% of Portakabin (Refurbished)' projects are completed on time and within the agreed budget, compared with only 34% of projects completed on time and 58% on budget of traditional building projects. In fact, Portakabin (Refurbished) can set up a modular building to suit your needs 70% faster than a traditional building can be produced.

Environmentally friendly buildings

At Portakabin (Refurbished), we believe in protecting the world in which we live and working hard to minimise the impact of our actions and work. Building and using recycled modular buildings reduces the energy needed, as well as carbon emissions during both the set-up process and the usable life of the structure. Indeed, choosing one of our projects will ensure that the carbon emissions generated are less than 10% of those of equivalent new builds.

Moreover, recycling buildings which have been manufactured and enjoyed previously, but still have plenty of life left in them, reduces the amount of waste which ends up in landfills, making it a highly sustainable alternative to demolishing and building traditional structures.

So not only will you be saving money, but also the environment.

More flexibility

For certain projects, being able to relocate your temporary premises in a timely manner, effectively and at the right cost are a priority. At Portakabin (Refurbished), we can relocate one of our recycled modular buildings with almost no alterations and using less than 3% of the energy that would be required to provide a new building of equivalent characteristics.

Portakabin (Refurbished) can provide a recycled modular building for your project. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of our friendly team for more information or a quote.

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