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Portable Cabin Plans, Layouts and Designs Available at Portakabin (Refurbished)

At Portakabin (Refurbished), we understand that every project is different and comes with distinct requirements. For this reason, we are glad to be able to offer a variety of portable cabin plans and designs to suit your needs and your project's.

What sizes are available?

Portakabin (Refurbished) offers cabins and modular buildings which range in size from 10ft x 9 ft to 60 ft x 13 ft. This gives you a massive variety to choose the best option for your project. One of the advantages of modular construction is that, because the cabins can be linked side by side and even on top of each other to create larger modules, you can choose amongst the options of cabin plans readily available or choose to design your own with the help of our experienced team.

Are stand-alone cabin buildings available?

At Portakabin (Refurbished), providing the best quality is at the top of our list. For this reason, we only offer used cabins manufactured by Portakabin to the highest standards. Some of the stand-alone second-hand cabins available are:

  • Pacemaker: up to six people can work in this robust building, available from 10 ft x 9 ft to 40 ft x 10 ft
  • Pullman: this spacious cabin can house up to fifteen people, available from 32 ft x 13 ft to 60 ft x 13 ft
  • Titan: Europe's largest portable cabin is available from 32 ft x 13 ft to 60 ft x 13 ft.

 These are, however, just a few examples, and we can create the portable cabin plans to fit the requirements of each specific project. In order to find out more about the cabin plans and designs that Portakabin (Refurbished) can offer, we would recommend contacting our friendly team, who will be able to advise you.

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