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Demountable Classrooms

Demountable Classrooms: The Flexible Solution that Works Around You

There are several reasons why schools need the immediate provision of extra classroom space. In many of these cases, such space often needs to retain the flexibility to be moulded over time to fit precise requirements. Instead of committing to a set structure and layout, choosing to install demountable classrooms allows you to create the needed space immediately, while keeping your options open.

Moulding the solution to meet your needs

Whether it is a matter of finding the best layout to serve your school, or adjusting multiple departments according to need, demountable classrooms work around you. The flexible installation of the demountable classroom means that you can easily adjust department layouts or extend/reduce the size of various departments without too much hassle.

Straightforward Expansion

You may not need a large amount of classroom space now but know that you will need to expand in the future. Starting with a base of demountable classrooms will give you the flexibility to grow department sizes at a later date with great ease.

Envrionmentally friendly

Pre-owned demountable classrooms from Portakabin (Refurbished) offer an environmentally friendly solution to your education building needs, reducing energy use & carbon emissions.

We understand that school classroom requirements are ever changing and we also know that your needs have to be met with the same flexibility for change. Whatever your building need is, from exterior to interior options, Portakabin (Refurbished) can provide it.   Have a look at our testimonial pages to see how other schools have benefitted from our collaborative approach to matching our customers’ needs. Then get in touch and find out how we can help you get the classroom you need.

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