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Choose exterior options to improve the appearance, performance and accessibility of your modular building


Your modular building from Portakabin (Refurbished) can be adapted externally to meet your individual requirements. Whether you want to create a particular look to meet planning requirements or complement local architecture, or improve your building’s performance and accessibility with sunshades, canopies and ramps, Portakabin (Refurbished) offers all the optional extras you need.

Tailor the appearance of your building

You can choose from a variety of exterior cladding materials, including timber – cedarwood or larch, or brick slips. Windows can be specified to meet your needs, including large full-height picture windows to flood the interior with light or low-level windows for nurseries and primary schools. A selection of fascia styles are also available to suit your building.

Improve building performance and accessibility

You can add external canopies to your building to provide shelter and improve the appearance of your main entrance. Sunshades can be fitted above windows to minimise glare and prevent overheating. A range of steps, stairways and access ramps is also available to provide easy access to your building.

The full range of exterior options available from Portakabin (Refurbished) includes:

Exterior Options

Windows - full height, picture, low-level


A range of styles, size and configurations to enhance your building

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Modular Building Cladding - wood, stone-effect, brick slips


Attractive claddings – to create a look that’s right for you

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Steps and Ramps

Steps and Ramps

All the access ramps and steps you need to provide easy, unobstructed access to and from your buildi...

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Exterior Options - Roofs and Fascias

Roofs and Fascias

Roof and fascia options to complete your building in style

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Exterior colours for your Portakabin (Refurbished) modular building


Choose an exterior colour to set your building apart

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Automatic entry for refurbished modular buildings

Automatic Doors

Entry systems for easy access and a positive first impression

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Exterior options - door canopies and external walkways


A choice of stylish canopies and walkways

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