Refurbished modular building
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Refurbished modular building

Choose individually tailored office buildings of any size for short or long-term use


The refurbished modular buildings available from Portakabin (Refurbished) can be adapted to meet the requirements of any type of office, for any number of people.

Whether you need large-scale multi-storey accommodation to house hundreds of people, or a simple one-room facility for two or three staff, we can develop an office solution to fulfil your requirements.

You can also choose bespoke project offices to house teams of any size working on a specific project, such as a construction site or a maintenance project at a power station or manufacturing plant.



Refurbished office buildings from Portakabin (Refurbished)

General Offices

Bespoke office facilities for any number of people, to meet your specific needs

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Temporary or permanent project offices

Project Offices

Temporary or permanent project offices for any number of people

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