Refurbished modular building
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Refurbished modular building

Specially designed modular buildings for every application - from retail outlets to data centres


There is no limit to the versatility of the cabins and refurbished modular buildings offered by Portakabin (Refurbished). No matter how unusual your requirement, we can design a building layout and configuration to fulfil your specific needs.

Buildings of any size, up to three storeys, housing any number of people can be created with the versatile refurbished modular buildings, whilst our range of stand-alone cabins offer spacious, bright, welcoming facilities.

As well as being comfortable and versatile, the galvanised steel structure of these refurbished Portakabin buildings, makes them robust and secure enough for the toughest conditions.


From mess rooms and portable canteens to full restaurants


Fully equipped, hygienic catering facilities

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Refurbished modular buildings - drying rooms

Drying Rooms

Warm, dry, well-ventilated drying rooms

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Refurbished modular buildings

Specialist Applications

Bespoke modular buildings for everything – from retail outlets to data centres

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