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Portacabin or Portakabin?

Portakabin (Refurbished) is a member of the well-known Portakabin Group. Because it is such a well-recognised name, you occasionally come across the word ‘Portakabin’ in a variety of different, but wrong, spellings, such as ‘Portacabin’, ‘Porta Kabin’ or ‘Porta Cabin’. The Portakabin Group is regularly asked questions about this. As the only experts on this topic, we would like to clarify how the name should be used.

Portakabin is not an ordinary word but, in fact, a trade mark. Donald Shepherd, the founder of the company Portakabin Limited, had the idea of a stand-alone, relocatable building way back in the 1940s. He thought of a fitting name for his business – Portakabin, which he registered as a trade mark. Since that day, only buildings produced by Portakabin can be called Portakabin buildings.

Sometimes people use the company name wrongly. As a pioneer in the development of relocatable and modular accommodation and as an international market leader in the industry, the Group always works hard to prevent this.

In short – Portakabin is a protected, exclusive trade mark that can only be used to describe the products of the company Portakabin Limited.

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