Flexible finance options to suit your budget
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Cost-effective buildings and flexible finance options to suit your preferences

Our individual approach to developing modular buildings that meet specific requirements means that no two buildings we deliver are ever alike. That means we are not able to publish standard prices on our website. As well as creating a building that fulfils all the demands of your particular application, we also need to adapt the building to your site conditions and the installation demands of your project.                  

Once we understand all of these variables, we will quickly provide a quotation that offers you the best possible value for money.

Once we have agreed a price for your building, we offer a range of finance options1 to suit your preferences:

  • Purchase – you simply buy your building outright at the outset, and own the building from the day it is delivered.


  • Buy-backPortakabin (Refurbished) agrees to buy back your building when you no longer need it, up to five years after the date of purchase.
  • Lease purchase – this arrangement enables you to spread the cost of buying your building over an agreed period. You become the legal owner of the building once the final lease payment has been made.


  • Operating lease – allows you to make payments for your building over an agreed period out of revenue, rather than capital budgets. Once you have made all regular payments, there will be an agreed amount outstanding. You can choose to pay this amount and become the owner of the building, or return the building to Portakabin (Refurbished) without making any further payments.

The most suitable finance option for you will depend on the nature of your organisation and whether you want to fund the building out of revenue or capital budgets.

If you’d like us to provide a quote, call us today on 0845 200 4086 to arrange a free site visit from one of our building specialists.





1 Some of the funding options on offer will be dependent on the credit rating and corporate structure of your organisation.


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