Modular building - reduce energy use, carbon emissions
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Pre-owned modular building - generating less carbon emissions

Reduce energy use, carbon emissions and costs - during construction and for the life of your building

Portakabin (Refurbished) is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and to delivering buildings that help customers to meet their own environmental obligations. Our modular building methods help to reduce energy and resource use during construction, and our precision-manufactured buildings help you to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and running costs for life. 

Faster build times minimise environmental impact

Modular construction methods can reduce programme times by up to 70%, compared with an equivalent traditional building project. That results in significant savings in energy use, carbon emissions and pollution – considerably reducing the environmental impact of the project, and providing a much faster return on investment. 

The sustainable benefits of choosing a Portakabin (Refurbished) refurbished modular building include:   

  • Pre-owned modular building projects generate less than 10% of the carbon emissions of equivalent newly manufactured building programmes1



  • Due to minimal site deliveries, there are up to 90% fewer vehicle movements associated with a modular building site than a traditional building project – reducing on-site dust levels and congestion, as well as the emissions associated with vehicle use2 
  • Relocating a modular building with minimal alteration uses less than 3% of the energy required to manufacture an equivalent new building



  • Precision-manufactured, highly insulated, steel-framed modular buildings provide optimum thermal efficiency – reducing energy use, carbon emissions and running costs for the life of the building 
  • Using refurbished modular buildings is a highly sustainable alternative to demolishing old buildings and disposing of them in landfill sites



  • Modular construction is recognised by the Department for Communities and Local Government as beneficial to the environment. It can help you to meet the Government’s sustainability targets for the construction sector 



1. Source: CO2 Emissions from Use, Scrapping and Manufacture of Modular Buildings, Modular and Portable Building Association.

2. Source: Mtech.

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