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Used Modular Cabins

Buildings created with modular cabins are constructed from joining together two or more pre-manufactured steel framed units, so they can be produced at any size.  Modular cabins can also be stacked vertically to provide multi-storey building solutions.  It is therefore not surprising that modular buildings are up to 70% quicker to build than standard constructions, and the advantages don't end with speed.

Modular buildings are future-proof, that is, as your needs change over time, it is easy for your building to change in order to suit your new requirements.  Because of their nature, it is simple to add extra modules or, indeed, to take them away, in order to reduce your building's size if required.

Environmental benefits of modular construction

The environmental benefits of modular construction are also huge.  Because almost all of the construction work is done in the factory, carbon emissions are lower than that of a standard construction. As well as lower noise levels, disruption to existing projects is kept to a minimum and waste levels are considerably lower than when building traditional structures, which, in turn, means that less materials end up in landfill.

However, we think that the best thing about our refurbished used site cabins is the capacity for you to dictate what you want and need from them.  Only the steel frame itself is reused, so all the internal and external finishes, as well as flooring, doors and windows are new.  To all intents and purposes, your modular office cabin will be as good as new!

We would love the chance to discuss your building needs; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we are confident that our range of modular office cabins and used site cabins for sale will suit your organisation.


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