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Expert advice on looking after your buildings, from the site accommodation specialists

Here we share some of our knowledge and experience with you, to help ensure that your site accommodation provides efficient, hassle-free service for as long as you need them. 

Take a look at the detailed information provided in these helpful guides to help you get most out of your site buildings.

Clixk here to view our Heaters Troubleshooting GuideClick here to view our Helpful Pipework Guide

"Everything was delivered right on schedule, as promised by Portakabin Site Accommodation, and the installation went without a hitch. It meant we got all our buildings set up during a single day, with no disruption whatsoever to Sainsbury's normal business. The standard of the buildings provided by Portakabin Site Accommodation just keeps getting better and better every time we hire from them."

Tony Woods, Senior Site Manager, Longcross Construction

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