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Data-Ready Portable Office Buildings

With plug-in-and-go network for fast, reliable and secure internet connection

Gaining secure and reliable internet access on construction sites is notoriously tricky, especially when wireless connections are the only option.

To overcome the problems of unreliable and unsecure internet access, Konstructa Data-Ready site buildings are fitted out with innovative new data-ready sockets which can be activated to create a high speed network, enabling you to simply plug in and access the site’s internet connection.

On-site internet access you can rely on

Building can be delivered with pre-installed data sockets to provide high-speed, secure internet access throughout the complex, avoiding the need for costly, time-consuming and disruptive cabling installations after the building is sited.

Improved health and safety compliance

The unique design of the data socket incorporates all electronics inside the wall unit. That means there are no messy cables trailing across the floor – keeping the interior tidy and improving safety in your buildings. This approach also eliminates the need for working at height to install CAT 5 cables.

Konstructa Data-Ready buildings give you:

  • Simple, cost-effective solution for on-site internet connection
  • Fast, reliable, secure internet access – fast enough to stream high-definition (HD) video
  • Rapid deployment of office network facilities on site – buildings are ready for users to simply plug in and go
  • Uninterrupted internet access with no coverage black spots or slow connections – a common problem with wireless connections in steel buildings
  • Support for TV over IP (IPTV), Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Ethernet CCTV cameras
  • Improved health and safety compliance with no need for extensive cabling  

Konstructa Data-Ready buildings now in stock – ready for rapid delivery

A full range of Konstructa Data-Ready buildings is now in stock, ready for rapid delivery to your site from your nearest Hire Centre. Our fleet of buildings has a consistent, modern look and can easily be branded with your corporate colours and logo. You can also hire all the furniture, staircases, linking systems and optional extras you need from us, giving you a complete

Portakabin Site Accommodation offered the most reasonably priced, energy efficient solution available and the team were also pro-active in providing a solution to install the buildings within a warehouse on our site.”

John Agnew, Onshore Lead Manager, Dong Energy

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