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Dong Energy

12 units inside a warehouse? Roof too low for cranes? Impossible? Not for Portakabin Site Accommodation

Organisation : Dong Energy


Location : Westermost Rough Wind Farm, Hedon, East Riding of Yorkshire

Requirement :

Dong Energy Wind Power is the market leader within offshore wind energy. Their activities are focused on Northern Europe with the UK, Denmark and Germany being their most important markets. Wind Power is a growth area for Dong Energy.

Dong Energy required high quality, environmentally friendly accommodation to house staff during the construction of a transformer station at their Hedon site, which would be the onshore grid entry point for the offshore wind farm 8km off the Yorkshire coast.

The solution was required to conform to specific environmental standards and fit within an existing warehouse.

Solution :

Overcoming challenging logistics, Portakabin Site Accommodation installed ten 32ft Konstructa Energy-Saver offices, one 32ft container store and one 16ft toilet unit. The buildings would be in place for the two year duration of the build, accommodating a number of staff.

The green credentials of the Konstructa Energy-Saver units were a key factor in Dong Energy’s decision to use Portakabin Site Accommodation as John Agnew, Onshore Lead Manager at Dong Energy, explains:

“Dong Energy aims to lower our carbon footprint in all that we do. We not only create energy from natural resources but we also utilise the most ecologically sound methods and supplies to do so, with buildings and facilities no exception.”

The energy-efficient Konstructa Energy-Saver buildings were an ideal choice for the project as they provide a 36% saving on energy use, potentially saving up to 1.67 tonnes of CO2 per year compared to a traditional site cabin.

John continues, “The Portakabin Site Accommodation team were also pro-active in providing a solution to install the buildings within a warehouse on our site.”

Additionally, Dong Energy benefited from the latest development from Portakabin Site Accommodation as all the office buildings were supplied integrated with unique data-ready sockets. These provided a high-speed, secure network, without the cost, time and health and safety pitfalls of installing additional cabling on site.

Portakabin Site Accommodation offered the most reasonably priced, energy efficient solution available.”
John Agnew, Onshore Lead Manager, Dong Energy


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