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How to prevent frozen pipe work


As with any pipe work, if your toilet block or mess unit gets too cold, the water in the pipes can freeze and expand causing the pipes to burst. The next day when the toilet warms back up and the ice melts, it leaves the potential for extensive flooding and water damage to the unit. As the winter weather is fast approaching, we have outlined some handy tips to prevent freezing pipes in your unit.

In use- keep the unit warm: All Portakabin Site Accommodation units are fitted with at least onehigh level heater. Please ensure the unit is kept at room temperature in normal day time use.

Out of hours- Drain the system: when the Portakabin Site Accommodation unit is idele, e.g. not in use over the weekend ot out of office hours, it may be best to drain all water out of the system. If this is not conveneient then as with notmal use keep the heating on low to ensure the unit does not become too cold

Insulate- Fully lag all external pipes: This prevents the cold air from reaching the pipes and cooling them sufficinetly to freeze

Check on the outside: To ensure integrity of pipe work

DO NOT use a blow torch or open flame to warm the pipes. You may cause serious damage or even start a fire.

Incorporating the above into your own maintenance programme will ensure your hired unit remains operational throughout the winter season. Please note that call-outs to repair frozen pipe work or damage caused by frost are not covered by our standard terms and conditions and are therefore chargeable.

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