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How to select site accommodation- the easy way


We’ve outlined ten steps to help you to specify the accommodation you need, as well as some practical guidance on how to select a site accommodation specialist. With this knowledge,you can ensure that your project runs smoothly, adheres to your budget, arrives on time and is completed to the highest quality.

1. Visit the factory, a recent project or a hire centre

A good supplier will be happy to arrange for you to tour a completed project, their factory or even their local hire centre facilities. This will help you to assess the quality of their buildings and services.

2. Find a supplier that clearly outlines its service commitments

A good manufacturer will outline its service commitments so you can clearly understand what levels of service you will receive at each stage of your project.

  • Check that your supplier has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most suitable accommodation for your site
  • Do they employ experienced professional staff who will work with you on the specification of your accommodation to meet your specific requirements?
  • Do they offer flexibility? Can they configure site accommodation to meet your individual requirements?
  • How quickly will your buildings be delivered?
  • If there are any on site problems, how will your supplier respond?
  • Do they have the resources to visit your site and will you be charged for any additional site visits?
  • Will they ask for your feedback after building handover to check that you are completely
  • satisfied?

Ensure that all these commitments are written down and clearly stated by your supplier. Answering ‘yes’ to these questions will not only save you time and money, but it can also positively impact on planning, operations and your reputation.

3. Look out for a provider who is committed to customer satisfaction

Understand how interested your supplier is in your views. Will they complete a customer satisfaction interview after the hand-over of your accommodation to gain your feedback on their performance? What have past customers thought of the company’s service? Your supplier should be willing to show you past customer comments and have case studies available to view on their website.

4. Think about health and safety

Your site accommodation should be constructed in accordance with the highest health and safety standards and fully comply with the relevant Safety Regulations, Building Regulations and Building Standards.

5. How secure are the buildings?

If you are working on a construction site where security is a high concern, ensure that your accommodation is capable of withstanding potential vandalism and break-ins. Look for manufacture that complies with ISO standards; are the units anti-vandal? High-security window shutters and doors should be expected.

6. Speed of delivery

How quickly can your accommodation be delivered? Does the supplier have buildings in stock? If so, they should be able to deliver to you within 48 hours.

7. Consider design options and product ranges

Can the supplier provide everything you need including offices, mess rooms, drying rooms, toilets and storage units? Does the provider offer a flexible design service which might include corporate branding and can they stack and link units to meet your needs? Can they relocate, extend or reduce your units after installation?

8. Think about the bigger picture

Procuring site accommodation involves more than your building’s outer shell. Project management, furniture and the internal layout of your units each have an impact on your budget. Find a supplier that can supply more than just the building, and it will save time and costs and will further ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time.

9. Choose a supplier with energy saving credentials

Saving energy on a daily basis means saving money and that’s good for everyone as well as the environment – now and in the future. A good manufacturer will be ISO 14001 certified and use ozone friendly materials. Are site buildings with energy saving features available? For example, Passive Infra Red sensors to ensure lights aren’t on when not needed, energy saving lighting, double-glazed and tinted windows and low volume WCs.

10. Never compromise on quality

Choose a provider that manufactures and installs your units. Hiring newly manufactured buildings will assure you of higher quality units which will have a corresponding effect on the safety and security of your site. Accommodation of a high standard will also improve the productivity and morale of staff and the perception of your site. This will add significant value to your entire construction project.

For further advice on choosing site accommodation, please contact us on 0845 355 4333 or click here to read our full report.

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