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Konstructa Modular Innovates for increased site safety


Konstructa Modular has been awarded five new patents, all relating to the advanced safety features that it brings to the market.  

The patents detail three aspects of the Konstructa Modular product. They cover significant innovative engineering to “design out” a major dangerous risk factor, namely the need to work at height. The innovations also help to speed up the siting and moving process.

The patents in summary:

1.            Lifting arrangements comprising a lifting frame with automatic locking devices in the lifting points at each corner, which line up with the lifting points on each corner of the unit. The frame is positioned and locked onto the unit by the crane driver without the need for anyone to climb a ladder or work on the roof to connect the unit for lifting

UK Patent Nos.: GB2513935 and GB2519696

2.            Module to module seal comprising a robust, permanent seal that is fixed to the module-to-module joint face during manufacture. The seal is effective as soon as the modules are sited next to each other, without the need for anyone to climb a ladder or go onto the roof with manually applied sealants or steel trims. The seal includes design details that direct rainwater away from the roof of the building.

UK Patent Nos.: GB2515863 and GB2519694

3.            Inter-storey module connection, comprising a device housed and retained within the base of each module column. When the module is used as an upper floor in a multi-storey complex, the device is lowered to span the joint to the unit below and is locked in place to connect the units. The entire operation takes place from within the modules and doesn’t need anyone to work from a ladder or on a roof. The connection process is reversed from within the units when the units are to be moved.

UK Patent No.: GB2513939

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