Craned into position in two hours
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Craned into position in two hours

Organisation : Overbury


Location : Charing Cross Police Station, London

Requirement :

Charing Cross Police Station is undergoing a £35m refurbishment. Overbury, the office fit out and refurbishment specialists, is delivering the work which is anticipated to complete in 2020. The investment is to provide modern, 21st century police buildings which will help to create a more mobile, agile, collaborative and modern police force. Throughout the project, site accommodation was required for the Overbury team but due to the busy central London location, gantries were setup on the second floor of the building to house it. Portakabin were the specialists called in to deliver.

Solution :

Nathan Sydney from Portakabin (Site Accommodation) says: "This was an exceptional installation for us. We coordinated our delivery with the installation team onsite to lift six cabins into position onto the gantry, end-to-end, across the face of the building. We only had a two hour window in which to receive delivery of the cabins and then lift into position. Not only was it a residential street with a high level of traffic congestion but also a main thoroughfare through central London, right next to Covent Garden, so it was vital we worked closely with Overbury to coordinate a precise operation."

“What a challenge to coordinate! The lift went very well. It was a well-planned, organised and well-managed road closure. The set-up, lift and set-down of site cabins was excellent. As well as being operationally impressive, it was most importantly carried out safely from beginning to end.“

John Dryden, Senior Project Manager, Overbury

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