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Konstructa Energy-Saver Static Welfare Unit

Cost-effective, eco-friendly welfare solution

When you’re moving on to a new or remote site with no mains infrastructure, it’s essential that you provide high-quality welfare facilities for your workforce – to ensure you comply fully with Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations.

The Konstructa Energy-Saver static welfare unit enables you to provide essential canteen, washroom and drying facilities when there is no mains power or water on site. The low-cost, fully self-sufficient welfare unit comes complete with its own energy-efficient diesel generator, battery-powered lighting and fresh water and effluent tanks. The generator is so efficient it can run for 38 days on a single tank of diesel.

The integral energy-saving features enable you to cut your weekly running costs by more than £250 and diesel consumption by more than 280 litres, as well as reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Portakabin Site Accommodation welfare units give you: 

  • A large canteen area for up to eight people, a separate small office area, a washroom with full-flushing toilet and a drying room
  • A plant room housing the generator, batteries and water tank
  • Passive infrared (PIR) activated LED lighting to ensure lights are only switched on when needed
  • Maintenance-free batteries to power lighting, with condition-monitoring system to detect when batteries need recharging
  • Low-noise, low-emission diesel generator with sensor technology to autostart the generator when required

Welfare units now in stock – ready for rapid delivery

Our static welfare units are now in stock, ready for rapid delivery to your site from your nearest Hire Centre.

Cost and Energy Savings
Static Welfare Unit Energy Saving Statistics

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