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Toilet and Shower Building Sizes

Toilet and shower facilities available in three cabin sizes, from 12m2 to 27m2

Your on-site toilet and shower facilities can be accommodated in Portakabin Site Accommodation standard anti-vandal buildings or Konstructa Energy-Saver buildings. These are available in three sizes, ranging from 12m2 to 27m2, as shown below.

Your toilet and shower buildings can be linked to create larger complexes. They can even be double stacked to save space on site. The interior of your portable toilet and shower buildings can also be configured to meet your requirements. You can also take a look at some of the layouts that are possible.

 Konstructa Energy-Saver building - KS092ES
Konstructa Energy-Saver building - KS051ES
Standard Anti-Vandal KS051

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