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When quality and sustainability matter, Tolent chooses Portakabin Site Accommodation cabins for groundbreaking zero-carbon business park project


The new £2.7million Armstrong Point Business Park is set to be the UK's first zero energy cost business park. Future tenants will have no gas, electricity or water bills to pay, thanks to the implementation of 14 low and zero-carbon technologies on site, ranging from wind turbines to LED lighting. The park will set new standards for sustainable property development. During the construction phase, main contractor Tolent Construction had to achieve significant energy, water and waste reduction standards, which meant sourcing exemplary, energy-efficient site accommodation.

Dave Pickersgill, Project Manager for Tolent Construction, says: "We needed site offices and welfare facilities that not only delivered excellent energy and water-saving performance, but also looked good and enhanced our corporate image, since this site was likely to attract significant media attention. The Energy-Saver buildings from Portakabin Site Accommodation ticked all of those boxes and offered a standard of site cabin that was way ahead of anything I had seen before. The cost was right too, making them the perfect choice for this project."

Tolent Construction hired three Konstructa Energy-Saver cabins, including an office building fully equipped with furniture, a canteen and drying room building and a toilet and shower facility, meeting the requirements of the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Konstructa Energy-Saver buildings help contractors to reduce on-site energy use by up to 32% compared with traditional site cabins, while Konstructa Energy-Saver toilet and shower buildings help to reduce water use by up to 40%.

Dave adds: "As part of our contract on this site we have to monitor and report our water and energy use every week. So far we have been delighted with the Portakabin Site Accommodation buildings, which have lived up to all expectations and achieved all our targets for energy, water and waste reduction."

Despite the agreed delivery date for the buildings being brought forward by a month, Portakabin Site Accommodation was able to get everything delivered and installed on time, as promised by its unique Customer Charter. The Charter also promises that customers will be entitled to a week's free hire in the unlikely event that their buildings are ever delivered late.*

"The Konstructa Energy-Saver buildings look very attractive on site and present a great first impression of this high-profile project, which is regularly featured in the press. Most importantly, the site workers who use the buildings every day are very happy with the high standard of their on-site facilities."
Dave Pickersgill, Project Manager, Tolent Construction

* Terms and Conditions apply. A copy is available on request.

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