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Solus - Relocatable Buildings

Bright, attractive self-contained, plug-in-and-go office space for up to six people

The Portakabin Solus building offers the ultimate self-contained executive office space. The building features numerous large windows to let in the maximum amount of daylight for a bright, light, uplifting interior environment.

The only portable building available without telescopic legs - for permanent-building aesthetics

The Portakabin Solus building's inherent structural strength means that, unlike other relocatable buildings, the Portakabin Solus can be sited with or without telescopic legs.For sales customers, the Portakabin Solus is the only temporary structure available without these legs, enabling it to be sited level with the ground for improved, permanent-building aesthetics.

Why choose a Portakabin Solus building?

  • The only relocatable building available without telescopic legs - for enhanced aesthetics1
  • Numerous large square-cornered windows offer generous levels of natural light for a brighter, more productive working environment
  • Range of building sizes up to 36m2 - accommodating up to six people in comfort and style
  • Innovative design for safe installation - delivery can be carried out at low height for improved site safety and compliance with Work at Height Regulations
  • Patented floor design allows one-step access
  • Flexibility to create more space - a versatile linking system is available to create larger complexes and two-storey buildings

Save energy and reduce costs with the Solus Energy-Saver
For an even more energy-efficient office solution, take a look at the Solus Energy-Saver, which features a host of energy-efficient lighting and heating systems to help cut your carbon footprint.


Model No: SL102 Office

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Model No: SL122 Office

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Model No: SL082 Office

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Model No: SL071 Office

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Model No: SL051 Office

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Model No: SL031 Office

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Model No: SL062 Office

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These building options are available for this product:

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say :

“We needed a building that looked good, in keeping with the Audi image, and which was of a quality suitable for the discerning Audi customer. The new Portakabin Solus building had the smart and professional look we needed, and was the perfect size for the space we had available.”

David Canham, Head of Business

“We only gave Portakabin about ten days’ notice that we needed the building, but they still managed to get it on site within our time limit. Our sales people have settled in well, and our customers have been pleasantly surprised by the interior quality of the building.”

David Canham, Head of Business

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