Specifications - Duplex
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Specifications - Duplex

The Duplex building system offers an attractive accommodation solution for buildings of up to three storeys with unlimited floor area. It creates comfortable, contemporary  workspaces with flexibility for the future.

External walls are of a durable one-piece construction with high-performance, low-maintenance plastisol steel to offer protection against extreme weather and accidental damage. Internally, the walls are of vinyl faced/emulsion painted gypsum wallboard, providing a wipe-clean finish.

The patented floor has a rigid galvanised steel frame and underdrawing, which offers a sturdy and robust feel and also prevents infestation. A suspended floor is completely integrated into the structure of the building. A variety of floor coverings are available, depending on the purpose of the building, including hard-wearing vinyl or carpeting.

Outstanding insulation is provided by the patented construction of the roof. The roof deck is of one-piece construction and is impact resistant. It is covered with solar-reflective, profiled plastisol steel to reduce heat gain. Internally, the ceiling is designed to prevent condensation problems. It is covered with polyester steel for a low-maintenance finish.

Doors and windows
Steel-faced doors have an insulating core that minimises heat loss. The anodised aluminium frame also incorporates a thermal break and draughtproof weather seals. The windows have double glazed, powdered-coated aluminium frames and are top hung. A thermal break prevents condensation problems and draughts are minimised by effective weather seals. Duplex buildings also offer protection against theft and vandalism, with a wide range of security options.

Building layout
The Duplex building system uses complete modules to construct buildings with unlimited floor area. Additional storeys may be added at any time (to a maximum of three) if the appropriate foundations have been laid. A variety of room layouts are achieved by the installation of partition walls.

Structural integrity
The high levels of all-round performance achieved by the Duplex building system guarantee peace of mind. It has been independently assessed by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and was awarded a BBA certificate confirming that it has been designed to meet the requirements of The Building Regulations, The Building Standards (Scotland) and other permanent building standards and codes of practice applicable at that time.

Design loads (kN/m2)

Floor 3.00* Roof 0.75 Basic wind speed 50m/s (CP3: Chapter V: Part 5)

*DX040 modules will require an additional foundation support. 

Thermal insulation
Walls, doors and roof are insulated with environmentally friendly CFC-free Envirofoam, a rigid polymer insulation material that is lightweight and yet enhances long-life structural strength and ensures an energy-efficient building.

Insulation values
U - values (W/m2K) Floor 0.28  Walls 0.43  Roof 0.38.

Fire performance
Fire-engineered construction ensures safe fire performance. Walls, ceilings and floor underdrawing have Class O surfaces, roof decks have an FAA rating. Walls and combined roof and floor can have up to one-hour fire resistance.

Climate control
A variety of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are provided to meet climate demands. Foundations

Portakabin staff will provide advice on the type and size of foundations required for Duplex buildings.

Transport and handling
Duplex buildings are transported by lorry and are craned into position. Crane handling is facilitated by lifting eyes at the module corner, using a four-leg sling. Portakabin staff will provide full advice on the procedure.

For detailed technical information and the full range of Duplex building options, call your local Portakabin Hire Centre on 0845 401 0010.

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